How am I selected for an opportunity ?

Discover how the algorithm works and why the system decides to select you or not for an opportunity

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"At Sortlist, we love partnerships that work" 

We exist because we believe that any company deserves to work with the most talented partner that believes in what the company believes, without any friction. 

But how do we do that?

As an agency, you don't want to waste time filtering leads that are not relevant to you. On the contrary, you want to spend time doing what you do best ; building and delivering awesome experiences. Thanks to Sortlist you are able to finally focus on contacting leads, while we save you hours scrubbing the web for real contacts. 

In this context we developed an algorithm able to match opportunities with the most relevant Agency Profiles.

  1. We take services and skill tags into consideration to introduce to our clients real experts.

  2. If the location is important for a client, we make sure his location is near the central point of your prospection area

  3. Previous works are key to introduce experimented agencies to the clients. With equal competences, an agency experienced in the client industry will be considered as more relevant than an agency that has none (NEW!).

  4. General, services and works description are also taken into account. If we see a match between your words and those of the clients, we believe you speak the same language. And real partners need to speak the same language.

  5. As an agency, we know you are proud of your clients and want to tell the world how great your collaboration is going. You can therefore collect reviews. Do we need to precise how important it is to recommend someone that has been previously recommended ?

All this reflects the attractiveness score of your profile. The more complete your profile, the higher your score. And this leads to a better ranking on the long list and public directories.

Feel free to search for your expertise on Google, land on our directories and compare your profile with other agencies.

Allow the system to match you with relevant opportunities

Objective criteria remains priority for the matching. So give the system enough information to introduce you to relevant opportunities. You can read this Ultimate Guide to optimise your profile.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help with your profile !

Happy to help you 😊

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