With the instant match, clients move forward with their selection at the same time that agencies can apply to briefings.

Knowing how far they go in the selection process helps you define their commitment. 

Knowing how far other agencies are moving forward helps you analyse the competition.

So this is how to interpret the data

A. Viewed 

Among the agencies selected for an opportunity, 8 is the number that actually opened/consulted the briefing. Remember to refresh the page to see the updated data

B. Applications

7 is the number of agencies that "accepted" an opportunity. While consulting a profile, the client can see that the agency showed its interest for his/her request. This is how it is reflected in his long list :

(Need a recap of how the long list looks like ? Check this here)

C. Messaged

1 corresponds to the number of agencies the client himself sent a message to.

D. Favorites

This is the 'shortlist' that a client creates. This transparent number allows you to know exactly how many agencies are in the competition (this number used to be the seats composed of the 5 most reactive agencies. Learn more here).

Hope this article helps!

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