Sortlist is a matchmaking platform.

Our goal is to match companies with relevant marketing agencies so they can interact directly.

The early platform (until march 2018) was similar to classified ads: clients were posting a request and the agencies were reaching out to them. Maximum 5 responses were allowed to limit the competition and preserve the client's experience.

In the beginning, it was doing the job but the success of the platform raised new issues.

In the last months, many agencies have been complaining about “the 5 seats being taken too fast”. 

It basically generated a shortlist of the fastest and not necessarily the best fitting agencies. Moreover, this shortlist could lead to the no-reply/interest of the client.

Our main value is relevance and our first goal is to create direct interactions. We think that the seats limit was hurting them both. Our last developments have set up the path to finally being able to fix this issue.

1. The seats limit was the wrong solution to a real problem. 

It was giving the feeling that the competition was limited but it didn’t prevent the client from extending it outside Sortlist.

Actually, we identified many projects where this had happened. Clients obviously have the final word and we only provide the tool to ease that decision.

Therefore, the best option is to stick to the common practices in the market: the longlist/shortlist process.

Having that in mind, we have created a brand new client dashboard to make a clear distinction between longlist and shortlist ( Here is how it looks like).

The longlist contains all relevant agencies suggested by our algorithm while the shortlist is a limited number of finalists selected by the client.

2. You should always have a chance to present your agency.

Applying for an opportunity is nothing more than saying “Hey, I exist and I totally fit the job!”.

Every agency that is selected by our algorithm actually meets the briefing criteria and should have a chance to introduce itself.

It is like being able to showcase your agency proactively as the client is setting up his longlist.

The client decides who can join the shortlist and who can contact him/her outside of Sortlist. You won’t waste any more time with a client that doesn’t want to be contacted and you’ll be able to focus on clients interested in your agency.

3. Increase your chance to join the shortlist

While setting up his/her shortlist, the client can see the agencies that applied and chat with them.

As limiting the competition is fair and efficient, we ask the client to select 5 favourite agencies to join the shortlist.

Applying and chatting will increase your chances to join the finalists and to win the opportunity.

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