There’s a new matching experience on Sortlist.

Now customers can search, add to favourite (“shortlist”) and contact agencies who fit their needs right away.

This means more new customers will contact and hire agencies like you. Here’s more about this update and what it means for your business:

Here’s what you need to know:

1. You show up instantly in the result page. Customers will reach out 💬

In the new customer experience, you’ll be seen up to three times more often. We’ll match you with the right opportunities and send your messages instantly.
You can try the customer experience and how your agency could look like in the result page here:

2. You can rank higher ⬆

A better profile, more good reviews and a high project ‘won’ rate can mean a higher ranking. Promote your services with a membership to boost your rank in results for opportunities you like best. 

3. We removed seats limit 5/5. We want to stop the “first come, first served” 🙌.

Spend your time where it matters. No more being glued to your e-mails and racing to apply for an opportunity!

We learned there’s a better chance customers hire an agency when they see more options, fast. So we’re starting to show more than five 'relevant' agencies for every project, instantly. Make sure customers find your agency, add you to his/her favourite, and interact with you!
Learn more on why we decided to make this move in this article.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. Why did you remove the 5 seats limit? Will it increase the competition? Full answer here

  2. How does the new Sortlist matching work? How can I rank better on the client result page? Full answer here

  3. How does the client see me now in the result page? How to stand out with this new matching system? Full answer here

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