Sortlist helps you find the agencies that best answer your needs. We take care of the research and you can focus on relationships 🤝.

Sortlist is the online marketing expert that allows you to select relevant agencies for your company, for free and in record time!
Hence, you don't have to spend hours looking and comparing agencies on the internet anymore. Sortlist offers you tailor made selections from which you just have to choose the agency you like.
You win time and the guarantee to entrust your project only to Sortlist certified agencies.

Our agencies are visited by our teams to be qualified as well as accompanied on their long term growth. This way, we establish trust-based relationships that guarantee the quality of the performances and the agencies implication towards your company. This year, more than 15000 companies trusted us.

STAGE 1. Fill in the form/briefing

Send a request for free here and fill in the form with you research criteria. Don't hesitate to give us as much information as possible.
The more we know, the more precise our selection will be! Confirm your account via the email we send you in order to verify your email address and allow agencies to contact you.

STAGE 2. Receive a personalized agency list

Sortlist suggests you a selection of agencies based on your research criteria. This selection is first generated by a unique algorithm developed by our team and subsequently sharpened by the Project Account Manager in charge of your request. We commit to submit our list within the few minutes following the posting of your request.

STAGE 3. Invite agencies you like, delete those you dislike and let the others proactively contact you

Check the list we created for you. Listed agencies receive the details of your request anonymously. After considering your proposal, 5 agencies maximum will have access to your contact details and the possibility to reach back to you.

If you're not convinced by some agencies, you can archive them from the list. This action will prevent them from entering in contact with you.

You can also select the agencies that catch your attention and directly invite them for a chat.

STAGE 4. Share your files and insights directly on the Sortlist chat

Thanks to our Sortlist chat, you can directly ask your questions to our professionals. You can also send more information about your needs if needed.

The 5 agencies able to proactively contact you have maximum 10 days to reach back to you. Beyond that time limit, they won't have access to your contacts anymore.

Ready to try Sortlist? Post a request here or watch our client testimonials.

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