What you already liked : a tailor made agency selection and a direct chat to our qualified professionals ❤️

Sortlist offers an agency selection based on your research criteria. This selection is first generated by a unique algorithm developed by our team and then fine-tuned by the marketing expert in charge of your request. We commit to submitting you our list within a few seconds after your demand comes in.

What's new: you can take an active part in your agency selection! 🚀

Invite agencies you like, delete the ones you dislike and let the others contact you proactively. 

Check the agency list that we have created for you.  The listed agencies receive the details of your request anonymously. Considering your proposal, 5 agencies maximum will have the opportunity to enter in contact with you.

In case some listed agencies are not appropriate, you have the possibility to archive them from your list. This action will prevent agencies from contacting you.

You can also select agencies that caught your attention and proactively invite them to chat!

To sum up: you have two combinable options ✌️

  • Make the most of Sortlist expertise thanks to tailor made agency selections and let interested agencies come to you.  💅

  • Take control of your research and invite agencies you like in our long list for a chat! 💬

Can't wait to try our new model?

  • Win time and post a projet from your Sortlist Account

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