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Thank you for your interest regarding Sortlist's services. Here comes a short article to explain you how it is working for you.

What is Sortlist ?
To put it short, we are a digital platform which aims to be an intermediate between clients and agencies. These agencies are working in 3 main fields : marketing, communication and advertisement. We gather one of the biggest database of agencies in the world. 

How does it work?
For us to be aware of your needs, we gather all the info from the form that you are going to fill with details of your project. This form gathers crucial information about what you would like the agency to achieve and with what means.

From there, our team of account managers is going to turn that form into a clear briefing that will be sent to agencies. We strongly recommend you to fill the form as accurately as possible, it will help us find the best agencies for YOUR project. If the brief isn't coherent enough or lacks information, we shall quickly call / email you to get more details. 

Once the brief is sent to the agencies we identified as the most accurate to the project, these agencies decide whether or not they want to work on your project. This decision depends on several parameters such as their expertise, their budget range or their schedule. If they are interested and available, you will be notified and they will take contact with you directly via phone calls or emails. 

A new feature, now allows you to view a list of agencies after confirming your request. From there, you will be able to chat with those which attract you the most, directly ! :-) 

Do companies have to pay anything?
Our services are free of charge for you. 

We will put you in contact with maximum 5 agencies  that fit your needs and selection criteria. These agencies are skilled, available and interested in taking on those projects.

That is the reason why we ask you to take the time to meet/interact with each of these agencies and to give them a personal feedback after they received offers.

"What do I need to do if I select an agency?" / "What if I don't select any agency?"
Our main goal is to find the agency that is best fitting your needs. So hopefully, you will choose one of them.

When you have made your decision, you can update the status of your project in your dashboard + give us feedbacks on the different agencies and the reason why you chose that one.

Here come a short video that we made for you to have an overview of how it works : 

To post a project and get matched with agencies, follow this link: 🔗www.sortlist.com/project/new

Don't hesitate to give us feedbacks on our services for us to be able to improve it. 😄

Don't hesitate if you have any questions. 

- Project team. 


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To send your feedbacks or tell us how it went with agencies, feel free to send us an email at project@sortlist.com

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