Some Agency Profiles have already been created to allow Sortlist Team contacting you when we receive an opportunity that could fit you. If you see a profile for your agency, you can easily access it with those 3 steps. 

1. Click on "claim this agency"

You can find your Agency Profile: 

Once you have it, you can click on the grey button "Claim this agency".

2. Sign up to automatically become "Manager"

Then, you can log in with your existing Sortlist account or sign up if it's the first time you are visiting our website. Remember to confirm your email address ;-)

3. Access your profile!

You are now ready to update your information and accept opportunities !

If you want to go further, we explain you here how you are selected for opportunities. In this guide you'll learn how to optimize your profile and get more relevant opportunities.

You're done :) Great job!

P.S: Your profile hasn't been created by Sortlist yet? You can follow this link to see how to create a new agency profile. 

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