Sortlist wants you to dedicate more time on what you do best. That is why we make sure advertisers can find you when they search for your expertise.

Your profile is therefore the first image your agency. Having a complete profile allows you to be matched and contacted by the right advertisers.


As you can see, all the elements of your profile allow the algorithm to calculate how relevant you are for a client request. 

💡 If you miss any of the following criteria, an agency having the same expertise/experience than you will rank higher in the client long list.

So here are the criteria you must carefully fill in:

• Your Core-Services (Go to Preferences > Services)

Services are the first thing we see when we select you for an opportunity. So tell us what you're good at with skills tags.

You can also set a budget range to improve the relevance of your opportunities.

💡 It doesn't matter if the budgets are project-based or monthly. Just set the minimum and maximum budget you've ever worked before.

• Your Team Size (Go to Preferences > Information)

The client can say what structure he prefers to work with small (1-10 employees), medium (11-50 employees) or large agency (51+ employees). 

Make sure your team size is updated to fit the client criteria.

• Your Languages (Go to Preferences > Information)

The client can specify the languages that must be spoken by the agency. Make sure you fill the language that you speak in order to receive those opportunities.

💡Language is a strict filter, so if you don't precise what languages you speak, you won't be able to receive any opportunity!

• Your Prospection Area (Go to Preferences > Matching)

In your preferences, you have 2 different locations : your headquarter or offices (the Information tab) & the areas you are prospecting in (the Matching tab).

💡 If you work remotely, don't forget to tick the specific box! You'll be selected if the client is also willing to work remotely.

• Your Experience within Industries (Go to Preferences > Matching)

Indicate the industries you have experienced in. To strengthen your experience, you can add a work related to that industry (Preferences > Works).


Clients can see your profile through directories from Google or through the Sortlist selection after having posted a briefing. 

In both case, if your profile is convincing enough a visit can lead to :

  1. a direct contact via your website

  2. a nomination, meaning your profile has been shortlisted by the client 👇 

So this is how to increase your chances to be contacted :

• Upload a Team Picture (Go to Preferences > Team)

It is the picture you see in directories. So the bigger the space dedicated to your agency, the bigger the chances a visitor clics on it.

• Ask for Reviews (Go to Preferences > Reviews)

Did you know that a profile with 3+ reviews get hired 75% more than others?

Plus, the most successful agencies count reviews that are concrete in terms of the results obtained. This reassured potential clients about the quality of your work.

💡 Your reviews can come from clients outside of Sortlist and you can add the reviews you have on other platforms ! 

• Regularly Update Your Profile (Go to Preferences > Matching)

We consider an active agency as more recommendable than passive agencies that never logged in or never refreshed their works. An old project from 2010 is not as legit as the current ones.

💡 Being active means regularly log in, add new works and add client reviews !


You can ask for extra services and locations to increase the number of opportunities you are receiving and be visible in extra directories. This increases your chances to be seen and found by your future clients.

OR upgrade your plan to benefit from competitive advantages. Discover them here and feel free to reach out if you have any question 👋

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