Sortlist has a very large scope of clients, ranging from start-ups to SME, to multinationals and bigger players.

The average company size of a Sortlist client would be a small-to-medium enterprise.

The type of clients we have is a very good mix between B2B and B2C and we have clients in a great variety of industries: FMCG, retail, banking, finance, pharmaceutics, human ressources, luxury goods, and much more. To give you an idea about some of these clients turnovers, here are a few names: Audi, Unilever, LVMH, New Balance, Bridgestone, Kinepolis, Aliaxis, Greenpeace, Decathlon, Yamaha, and many more.

We actually have two types of demands: 

  1. There are project-based collaborations, such as a client looking for a partner for a specific deliverable (new logo, new website, company rebranding, etc).

  2. There are long-term collaborations which require a yearly budget, such as a client looking for a marketing or communication partner on a long-term basis.

This means the types of budgets we receive can range from 1.000€ to above 1M€.

The budgets differ from project to project and from client to client. I would say the average budget size we receive is approximately 35.000€.

A few examples of Sortlist clients:

  • contacted us to find a long-term partner to completely rebrand its company. The allocated budget was 700.000€ and we successfully connected this client to one of our branding partners.

  • Zespri reached out to us to find an all-round advertising agency, with a budget of 300.000€, and we connected them to one of our top-ranked advertising agencies.

  • Learn other success cases here

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